CLP offers a better deal for both borrowers and lenders.

Thursday, 8/23/2018

CLP offers a better deal for both borrowers and lenders.

P2P lending is a method of “direct financing” that enables individuals to borrow and lend money without going through an oficial financial institution. Peer to peer lending has changed the way people invest, borrow and save money. Right now, the industry is being revolutionized by the blockchain technology and AI. Everyone involved in P2P can now benefit from its advantages.
Our Crypto Lending Project can benefit both lenders, which are able to receive a higher rate on their money, and borrowers, that are able to get the loan quickly than other financial institutions.
Crypto Lending Project provides lower fees for the lenders and borrowers. It eliminates the middleman by connecting investors and borrowers to direct loans while taking small fees in the process. Cryptocurrency makes peer to peer lending effective for all parties involved.
One of the great advantages that CLP provides lenders and borrowers are loan tokenization (CLPC). The P2P lending is creating a new partnership, services, and products in the fintech industry.
Also, Crypto Lending Project offers cross-border loans. Borrowers and lenders have no more need to be located in the same country. Investors can lend to anyone no matter the person’s location. This is a significant advantage to borrowers and lenders.
To Crypto Lending Project, applying is easy and loans are usually funded quickly. You can make a full application in few minutes. Borrowers can apply for a loan with a few pieces of information, investors can review their application online at any time.
P2P lending system gives both lenders and borrowers a better level of transparency. Blockchain is no change and deletion. It allows to ensure the database; transaction history cannot be changed or fraud cannot happen. All transactions of borrowers and lenders will be encrypted and put into the
With the development of the Decentralized model, we firmly believe that every database belongs to the community. Use and distribution of access should only be decided by the community.
Thanks to blockchain, borrowing, lending and saving money will become infinitely more transparent and effective. 
We are not a bank. We are a community.


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