As researching, there are the major factors that determine investment decission.

Monday, 8/13/2018

As researching, there are the major factors that determine investment decission.

Interest Rates

Interest rates strongly influence the investment. The inducement to investment will fall with the lowering of income levels.


Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is an essential component in investing. The risk tolerance is different for a different investor.


Economic growth

If economic prospects improve, then firms will increase investment as they expect future demand to rise.


Type of Assets

The kind of asset being invested in is another important factor depending on the individual or organization investing.


Investment psychology

 There are always investment-related worries to occupy our minds. Sometimes for investors, this means worrying about high-risk investments that they’ve made.


Personal needs and temperament

Investment decisions are tailored to his or her circumstances and personality. From time to time, they need to sell some of their holdings to supplement their dividend income, but rather than trying to predict price changes or spot highs and lows.


Market trends

An investor needs to understand how various asset classes have performed before planning your finances.


Investment need

It helps you determine the amount of money you need to invest every month or year to reach the magic figure.


Investible surplus

How much money are you going keep for investments? The investible surplus plays a vital role in selecting from various asset classes as the minimum investment amounts differ, and so do the risks and returns.


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