08/20/2018 2

SEC Fines and Permanently Bars Founder of Fraudulent Oil Exploration Token

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken action against an oil and gas exploration company and its...

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08/16/2018 0

AMA With Origin Team Reveals Plans for Decentralized Sharing Economy

Matt Liu, Josh Fraser and former PayPal head Yu Pan want to bring the blockchain to the sharing economy. The trio is ...

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08/14/2018 3

When Crypto And eSports Collide

ETHNews sat down with Merit founder and CEO Adil Wali to learn about the connection between the eSports and cryptocur...

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08/14/2018 3

Wormhole Mainnet and Developers’ Guide Launched

There’s been a lot of activities taking place with the new project developed by Bitmain called Wormhole. The team of ...

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08/13/2018 3

The ICO Market Has Hit the Brakes

The ICO economy succumbed to a dramatic decline in Q2 of this year. Such was the extent of the slump that its pushed ...

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08/10/2018 2

Bitmain Launches Key Crypto Mining Facility in Texas

Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is launching a crypto mining facility and blockchain data center in the U.S. state of Texas...

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08/07/2018 4

Yenom Launches Bitcoin Cash Library Implemented in Apple’s iOS-language Swift

This week the developers of the Bitcoin Cash-centric mobile wallet called Yenom have introduced a new Bitcoin Cash Ki...

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08/06/2018 4

Boerse Stuttgart to Host Crypto Trading and Coin Offerings

Boerse Stuttgart is going deeper into crypto. The German stock exchange is planning to set up a new trading venue tha...

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08/06/2018 5

Wormhole Project Launches — $1.2M Worth of BCH Burned So Far

Last week, reported on the Wormhole announcement of a tokenization and smart contract platform proje...

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08/03/2018 2

Gaining Admission to ICOs is Literally a Lottery

It’s no secret that public tokensales are on the decline. The trend, which has been accelerating all year, has seen t...

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