08/13/2018 3

New Bill Proposes 5% Tax on Crypto Incomes in Ukraine

A draft law prepared by deputies and representatives of the industry aims to introduce light taxation of crypto incom...

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08/10/2018 4

Decentralized Apps Might Be the Future but They’re Not the Present

To their proponents, dapps – decentralized applications – are the future of internet. To their critics, they’re multi...

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08/07/2018 5

FSB Chairman To G20 Summit In Argentina: ‘Crypto-Assets Do Not Pose Risks’

The central bankers and finance ministers of G20 member nations are meeting today and tomorrow in Buenos Aries to dis...

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08/06/2018 5

The Bitcoin Cash Network Processed 687,000 Transactions on August 1st

Over the last day, BCH proponents have been celebrating the ‘Bitcoin Cash Independence Day’ which marks the anniversa...

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08/03/2018 2

A "Good Start": U.S. Introduces Office of Innovation and Sandbox for Fintech

Fintech businesses struggling to stay inbounds of government rules may soon receive a dose of much-needed guidance vi...

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07/13/2018 5

London School of Economics Launches “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” Course

The London School of Economics, one of the leading academic institutions for higher learning in the world, is the lat...

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07/12/2018 7

Global peer to peer lending Market overview

The market for other finances gained popularity in recent years. A finding by Transparency Market Research suggests t...

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07/11/2018 4

Why Now Is A Good Time To Invest In P2P Loans

When it comes to public sentiment, banks and Congress have a lot in common.

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07/09/2018 4

Bitmex Co-Founder is the Youngest British Self-Made Billionaire

UK media has reported that 34-year-old Ben Delo, the co-founder of Bitmex, has become the youngest British self-made ...

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07/04/2018 5

Conventional Banking Could Become Easier For Swiss Cryptocurrency Companies

To compete with other crpyto-friendly regions, proponents in Switzerland are attempting to improve access to banking ...

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