Bitcoin News

08/20/2018 1

Coinbase Seeks Patent for Security-Enhanced Bitcoin Payment System

U.S.-based digital currency exchange Coinbase has filed a patent on a new Bitcoin payment system designed to make cry...

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08/16/2018 3

Introducing Bitcoin Cash Charts – a Graphical Constellation of BCH Data

Since we launched back in 2015 all of us have been extremely busy building our website to be the number o...

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08/16/2018 2

Bitcoin is a Permissionless, Decentralized Firearm: Cody Wilson is Satoshi Nakamoto

The path to a cryptocurrency revolution might just run through a sleepy Austin, Texas industrial park, home to office...

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08/15/2018 2

Bitcoin’s Return to Innovation: Changing the World Through Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

Developer Gabriel Cardona was personally recruited to fast track development of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Open source, full...

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08/14/2018 3

Intuit Awarded Patent For Bitcoin Processing Method

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted the financial software company a patent to create a bitcoin payme...

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08/10/2018 6

The SEC Is Delaying Another Bitcoin ETF Decision

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is in no hurry to review the pile of Bitcoin ETF filings i...

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08/10/2018 2

Study Provides an Interesting Look at Changing Bitcoin Narratives

Last week Nic Carter, the partner at Castle Island Ventures and co-founder of, published an interestin...

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08/10/2018 3

Need Cold Storage? Check Out’s Revamped Paper Wallet Generator

There are many ways to store bitcoin cash, and while some people use mobile apps, others use hardware wallets to stor...

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08/08/2018 2

Indians Use Creative Means to Trade Bitcoin Amid RBI Ban

Indian crypto traders have found some creative ways to trade cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, to circumvent the ...

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08/08/2018 3

Dutch Court Finds That Bitcoin Has Characteristics Of Property

According to the district court of Amsterdam, bitcoin is transferable and has value.

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